Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wanting National Respect for Team is Part of Being a Fan

                                         "Good it doesn't make Sportscenter, though"
One thing that will bother a Texans fan more than anything -outside of hearing the name David Ca…nevermind- is what seems to be a lack of respect/coverage by the national sports media. And one thing that bothers ‘this’ Texans fan just as much is hearing local radio guys and even some fans ask the question, “Why do Texans fans care so much about the team being respected nationally?” The answer is in the question:  “Fans”!


Fans love to indulge in everything “their team”. They want to buy the hats, shirts, jerseys and bumper-stickers. They want to go to the games and tailgate, or just get together with friends and watch the game at home or at a sports-bar.  They even want to dress their newborn babies in their team’s gear, even though that newborn hasn’t had the chance to pick a team themselves, or decide if they even like the sport to begin with. And if you’re a fan that does dress your newborn in your team’s gear, you are a loser! And let me be the first to welcome you to the club. Welcome!


Along with indulging in the games and the merchandise comes a craving for information and highlights. You can get this from the local news, or internet sites and blogs dedicated to your team.  But fans want to see their team getting that outside, national exposure. They want to see a different prospective. They want to see some ex-NFL vet drool over their team, showering them with great words and praises. For Texans fans, they want to know that some wind-blown, frozen-balls bastard from Chicago came in from the cold,  tuned into ESPN and saw a highlight of TJ Freakin’ Yates squeezing in a pass to Kevin Walters Walter for the game-winning touchdown. But time and time again, we Texans fans tune in just to see maybe the score on the bottom ticker, or if we’re lucky the “other” team making a positive play. (My weekly aside: as I’m typing, I keep looking up to watch Thursday Night Football. Kobb sucks! And I refuse to spell it the way his family does... He and Mike Shashevski need to file the proper paperwork to have their last names at least close to being spelled correctly!)


I know the Texans may not be as exciting as a Rex Ryan postgame presser, but is it too much for a Texans fan to ask that ESPN show highlights of their team clinching their division and a playoff berth for the first time in franchise history (I’ll let you slide, B’e’rth!)? Is a rookie, practice-squad QB leading a game-winning drive on the road against a playoff-caliber team not the stuff highlights should consist of? I guess not. While waiting around to see some “real” highlights of their team doing the impossible, Texans fans have to suffer through 24-hour, non-stop coverage and analysis of Tim Tebow’s throwing-motion, and what it might be able to tell us about how he wipes his ass (which is probably not very well if his throwing motion is any indicator. I bet he has a home-health agency on speed-dial.)


I admit, I understand why the Texans haven’t gotten more air-time nationally. The Texans really haven’t given the national media anything to cover in the franchise’s short history up until recently, so I guess we Texans fans should be a little more patient. But is it wrong to want it? Hell No! It’s what any fan should want, especially when they know they deserve it.


Now, if only Texans fans would stop doing “The Wave” when their offense is on the field.  But that’s another rant...

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